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fast - can search every 3 seconds
alerts an email, Telegram (app like WhatsApp)
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After adding the link, our service will search for new listings periodically (for example, every minute) on Ebay (or other classifieds) by your links .
GAlerts will send notifications (in case if they appear) to your e-mail or by using clever bot in the Telegram (messenger like WhatsApp).

Using this GAlerts service you will learn first about new items and may get favorable offers. Useful for profitable buy and sell.

GAlerts is a cloud service. You do not need to install and run any software, program or application (apps) - our service does everything for you.

With the help of our parcer, people buy cars, realty, phones (iPhones), computers, notebooks, refrigerators, tires, bicycles and so on.

Search desired items by eBay (or other classifieds) filters and copy URL from address bar
Paste and save the copied link on GAlerts, select time interval
When GAlerts finds items what you’re looking for, you will be sent an email alert and Telegram-message
View saved ads in GAlerts Control Panel

Supported classifieds,,,,,,, (fr ру), (it ру),, (es), (pl ру),,,,,,,,,,

How to setup eBay Alerts for new listings by GAlerts

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