Notification service for
ebay (com, uk, de, fr, au, at, es, it),,

search from every 3 seconds
alerts an email, Telegram (like WhatsApp)
for FREE by time interval 10 minutes

Search desired items by eBay (or other classifieds) filters and copy URL from address bar
Paste and save the copied link on GAlerts, select time interval
When GAlerts finds items what you’re looking for, you will be sent an email alert and Telegram-message
View saved ads in Glisa Control Panel

Supported websites,,,,,,,,, (ру),,,,,,,

Cost per day 0 € 0.25 € 0.30 €
Minimum time interval of checking the links 10 min.5 min. 1 min.
Maximum quantity of links for checking 3 pcs.4 pcs. 1 pcs.

Super fast tariffs