Ebay alerts and notifications for new listings - 10 minutes instead once a day

Many people ask How to get ebay alerts and notifications for new listing?

You can get ebay alerts for new listings every 10 minutes for FREE using GAlerts instead once a day by standart ebay notification system.

Solution from Ebay - email alerts once a day

Do your search, when the results, or lack thereof, come up and click 'Save'.

You'll automatically receive email alerts.

If you don't want to receive emails, select Don't send me email alerts in the pop-up window.

You can have up to 100 saved-searches.

By using GAlerts.net - alerts once a 10 minutes for FREE

Do your search, when the results, or lack thereof, copy URL from address bar.

Paste and save the copied URL on GAlerts, select time interval (3-30 seconds, 1-1440 minutes). Alerts from once a 10 minutes for FREE.

When GAlerts finds items what you’re looking for, you will be sent an email alert and/or Telegram-message.

View more info about GAlerts or register.

Video - ebay alerts using GAlerts.net

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  • Alert for new listing by roadbiker444
    I would like to be alerted or notified when a specific item lists. For examlpe, I want to but a Colnago C60 bicycle and instead of searching daily be alerted that another one was listed.

    Thank You


  • Is there a way to set up an alert to be notified when a wanted item is listed by someone for sale? by cornerstone
    Watch lists are great - but they are tied to items currently listed for sale. They can refer you to other items that are similar - but only if an item is available.

    Is there a way to set up an alert so that you are notified if a wanted item matches a newly listed by a seller? In effect, an advance watch list.

  • Is there a way to set up search alerts? by lfant97
    I've been seqarching for a unique motorcycle part. The only way I've found to do this is to login to ebay then type in a search string. Is there a way to set up an aotmated search string that will notify me when a seller lists a potential match? I can't get to eBay regularly to input a search string and this would notify me when a seller has an item I might be interested in. Thanks for any feedback. Cheers!
  • Ebay 'new listing' email alerts? by Snooze

    Does anyone know of a program or site that will alert you when a new listing is added for something you want? I came across 2 programs that claim to do this (stuffalert.com and getauctionalert.com) but having tried them they are both complete and utter bollox.

    Anyone know of any others that actually work? I missed an excellent deal on a BIN laptop I've been wanting for a long time and it must have been listed and bought within the space of 90 mins as it wasn't there when I clicked shortly beforehand. So so mad.

    Thanks all.

  • Item for sale alert by alaska-traveler
    Can I setup an automatic email alert when an item I am looking for comes up for sale? Craig's List has an alert option, does eBay? Thanks,
  • New listing alert by bchammerauthentic
    Is there a way to set up an email notification when a new listing is made for an item of interest?

    for example, every time a new toy race car listing is made I get an email notification.

    Thanks for the info.

  • can i get alerts for wanted items? by chubbycheckers
    I have several items that I look for every day - is there a way to get automatic notifications when those items are listed??
  • Notification by dpkm2021david
    How do I set up a notification in E-bay for a particular item so that I receive an e-mail when someone places that item up for bid? Currently, I am at the mercy of randomly going into E-bay and manually searching for that item.
  • Notifications by stevjarvi-4
    Can I be notified when certain items appear for sale?
  • Alerted when seller list items? by sopraton
    Is there some kind of program or app that alerts you when a certain seller lists an item? Basically letting me know the moment he lists it. I'm more looking to just be alerted for anything a seller uploads. He always has awesome deals on a niche i like but the items sell within minutes. I can sit there refreshing all day!

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