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alerts an email, Telegram (app like WhatsApp)
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Know quickly = Buy profitably!

Find ads of interest to you at milanuncios, sort by date and copy the resulting address from the address bar of the browser
Sign up for GAlerts , add a new link and paste the address copied from, select the check frequency
When GAlerts finds new announcements by the specified link on, you will receive an alert to an email or instant messenger
Found ads can also be viewed in the service account

After adding the link, our parser will search for new announcements at specified intervals (for example, every minute) at
and, if they appear, send alerts to your email or using a bot to your phone in Telegram (messenger like WhatsApp).

Free parsing of new announcements can be conducted once every 10 minutes (rates).

The GAlerts service allows you to be the first to learn about new announcements and redeem lucrative offers on the largest free classifieds in Spain.
It is useful for both outbid, and for ordinary users.

You do not need to install any program or application - our service does everything itself.

With the help of our buy apartments, houses, cars, laptops, phones (iPhones), bicycles, game consoles, tires and stuff.

How to setup Milanuncios Alerts for new listings by GAlerts

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