Milanuncios Alerts - how to get fast notifications for new listings

Search Milanuncios from every 3 seconds
Get alerts by email, Telegram (app like WhatsApp)
Use for FREE *

1. Register on by your email address. Activate your account by link from email message (if you dont receive email in 5 minutes please check spam folder).

2. Search desired items by Milanuncios filters and copy URL from address bar.

3. Sign in and click the button Add Link for checking.

4. Add the title as you want, paste the copied link on GAlerts, select time interval and click the button Save and check. If you see what you want, then all is ok.

5. After adding the link, our service will search for new listings periodically (for example, every minute) on by your link. When GAlerts finds items what you’re looking for, you will be sent an email alert.

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